Create GWT MySQLConn project under Netbeans

# HowTo
1. install Netbeans:
1.1 install
2. install GWT:
3. install MySQL driver:
4. create Bible database:
# create new netbeans project
File > New Project
Java Web > Web Application
Next >
Project Name: MySQLConn
Next >
Next >
Select: Google Web Toolkit
GWT installation Folder: /opt/gwt-linux
GWT module: com.tribling.gwt.test.mysqlconn.MySQLConn
# copy MySQLConn sources to Netbeans project
svn checkout gwt-examples
cp -a gwt-examples/gwt-test-MySQLConn/src/com/ NetBeansProjects/MySQLConn/src/java/
# add MySQL driver to project
Libraries (right mouse click) > Add Library... > MySQL JDBC Driver
Add Library
# configure service
Configruation Files > web.xml (right mouse click) > Edit
add between <web-app version="2.5"... and <session-config>
# configure databale url
Edit Source Packages > (line 132)
//url = "jdbc:mysql://";
url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/";
# Edit Source Packages >
// RootPanel.get("BibleInfo").add(bibleInfo);
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