iLO - IPMI on HP servers

Download Latest firmware
# download "RECOMMENDED * Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HPE Integrated Lights-Out"

Extract firmware
chmod +x /tmp/CP0*.scexe
/tmp/CP0*.scexe --unpack=/tmp

# flash iLo firmware (local)
yes | ./CP036949.scexe

# ipmitool -I lanplus -H www1-ipmi -U Administrator -P pass1234 hpm upgrade ilo4_261.bin

Flash iLo with SSH (not tested)
cd map1/firmware1
load -source


Reset iLo to factory defaults

Configure iLo from CLI

Fix flash error
# downgrade to 2.54

Intelligent Provisioning for Gen9 Servers (update)
Register your server first!
Login to iLo > Remote Support > Registration

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