Install TeamViewer under Ubuntu

wget -O - | bash -



# add required 32 bit architecture on a 64 bit system
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

# install required applications
sudo apt-get install -y wget

# download teamviewer
wget -q ${URL} -O /tmp/teamviewer.deb

# install teamviewer
sudo apt install -y /tmp/teamviewer.deb

# clean up
rm /tmp/teamviewer.deb

Restart daemon
sudo systemctl start teamviewerd.service

$ teamviewer help
teamviewer Start TeamViewer user interface (if not running).
teamviewer help Print this help screen.
teamviewer version Print version information.
teamviewer info Print version, status, id.
teamviewer ziplog Create a zip containing all teamviewer logs (useful when contacting support).
teamviewer license [show|accept] Interactively agree or show/agree to End User License Agreement.
teamviewer setup Configure headless modes (non-gui/console)
teamviewer passwd [PASSWD] Set a password (useful when installing remote (ssh).
teamviewer daemon status Show current status of the TeamViewer daemon.
teamviewer daemon start Start TeamViewer daemon.
teamviewer daemon stop Stop TeamViewer daemon.
teamviewer daemon restart Stop/Start TeamViewer daemon.
teamviewer daemon disable Disable TeamViewer daemon - don't start daemon on system startup.
teamviewer daemon enable Enable TeamViewer daemon - start daemon on system startup (default).

sudo apt-get purge *teamviewer*
rm -r ~/.config/teamviewer*
rm -r ~/.local/share/teamviewer*



SSH Teamviewer config

Hi there,

Thanks a lot for the web page, it's just wonderful.
I've installed teamviewer on a remote machine through an SSH connection (impossible to get there; it's in a different country). Anybody knows how to connect now to that machine with teamviewer? Don't know how to obtain the parameters...

Thanks again!